Personal Identity

Personal • Brand Identity • 2013, 2015

The purpose was to create a visual identity that was easily recognizable but unique to my personal character and philosophies.


Branding, Vector Illustration, Research and Design

At first glance, my personal identity may look like stylized representations of the letters 'm' and 'w', but it also represents a mountain and its reflection, a sentiment of two major distinct characteristics. The mountain symbolizes the will and enthusiam to take on design challenges, while its reflection signifies the thought process that goes behind such work, with an understanding that it is equally important as the end result. This visual form can be easily turned upside down and it would still appear in the same orientation, embodying the ideal that the two characteristics mentioned earlier must be an on-going process in order for the designer (in which case, myself) to improve.


The colour palette was kept relatively simple with a monochromatic scheme with one accent colour for emphasis and personality. Blue has been a favorite colour for the longest time, but because it's generally associated with the idea of being calm and conservative, a brighter and slightly greener undertoned hue was selected. This reflects other facets of my personality, such as lightheartedness, occasional exuberance, friendliness and a generally cheerful disposition. The monochromatic scheme allows for versatility, since black and white are neutral colours that compliment most other hues. 85% grey was added to the mix for text to appear slightly softer than the usual black.


While the aesthetics of Brandon Grotesque or Proxima Nova were pleasing, they seemed a bit ubiquitous and part of the "hipster bandwagon". Gotham HTF was chosen as an alternative because it was a clean sans serif that looked versatile enough for multiple uses without looking too distinct (i.e. the characteristic "much lowered" crossbars in Proxima Nova). Big John and Slim Joe were chosen as web alternatives for Gotham, particular for this portfolio version.