LABORIE Medical • Branding and Communication Design • 2014 - 2015

With an established brand, LABORIE seeked to update its marketing material with contemporary aesthetic elements that would enhance its reputation in the industry and reinforce their values. A branding guideline was created to instill visual and linguistic consistency across all types of communication collateral, including brochures, social media, pull-ups and booth designs in various trade shows.


Project Management • Art Direction • Photography • Photo Retouching

Logo Tweaks

Based on the restrictions given, the best solution was to modify small aspects of the existing logo. The original version had a fading "vignette-like" edge, making the logo look dated. It was also the catalyst to an undesirable white edge when printed on transparent adhesive as stickers. By replacing the faded edge with a solid one, the logo already looks more up to date. The second modification consisted of replacing the orange (the arrow) to a slightly lighter tint so that the logo doesn't overwhelm the viewer with too much intense colour.


The primary colours of the original colour palette was expanded on to include a set of lighter tints. This allowed for more flexibility, variation and depth in such instances like booth designs, pull-ups and any time a graphic required a softer colour. A range of greys have been added to the palette also, as a better means of reflecting the aesthetics of the products themselves.


Avenir was chosen as the primary font as it embodied the aesthetics LABORIE envisioned to have in its rebrand; it provides an impression that the company is innovative, modern and technologically forward. Additionally, Avenir comes in several different weights, so an entire hierarchal system could be created without having to rely heavily on other typefaces for emphasis on certain words or phrases.