Delta Family Resource Center • Web Design/Development • 2014-2015

Given that a lot has changed concerning functionality and visual trends of the internet, the Delta Family Resource Center website was in much need of a digital renovation. The focus for the organization in regards to the website revamp was to easily disseminate information to each of their respective stakeholders. This was achieved by tailoring each section for a specific stakeholder (ie; client, funder and potential volunteers). This was achieve by vivid slider images on the homepage, straight-forward navigation, concise information and interactive elements that encourage viewers to engage with the website.


Front-End Web Development (Wordpress Framework), Art Direction

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Icons have been added in certain sections (i.e. About - Who We Are) as a means to break up the monotony of text that fills up most of the webpages, and to add visual interest. Additionally, for the homepage in particular, icons help to give the viewer a better idea of what each section is related to, as some website viewers may not be the most proficient in English (based on the target audience and demographics). Icons also help to reduce the amount of clutter on a webpage, so that something such as "Time:" can be shortened with a symbol of a clock instead.

Humanistic Photography

One thing that the previous website iteration lacked were high resolution photos of community events that gave the viewer a more intimate perspective on the events that happen around Delta Family Resource Centre. Most shots of people were usually far away or blurry, of the event surroundings or insignificant static shots that did not really convey anything. But this time around, the project manager has assisted with providing crisp, high resolution photos that truly capture "that moment" of various events, without losing the art of composition and quality. This has helped tremendously as it reflects the community and the organization in a more accurate light.

Easier Accessibility

To make it easier to access important information, it was decided that the homepage would not only the feature video and a news feed, but to highlight the different categories of services, since that was the main objective of the target audience. Once that had been established, each service page has been modified and curated to strip down on unnecessary text that may bore the visitor. Instead, a warm welcome introductory paragraph and schedule information is included to cut to the point. For pages such as Children's Services, a pull-down system has been implemented so that visitors can easily cross-check schedules in case they wish to enroll in more than one service. That way, they don't have to continuously download separate PDFs just to see the schedule.